At Fine Golf Design, we have carefully studied the world's greatest courses and the writing and philosophies of the men and women who crafted them.  The pioneers of golf course architecture understood the game as one of temptation, risk and reward.  The greatest achievement of any designer is to produce a golf course that is both enjoyable for the higher handicap player and challenging for the better player.  Though the game has changed dramatically through the years, the core strategic values remain the same.

Fine Golf Design provides a comprehensive range of golf course design and consulting services, including Master Plan development, historic course restoration, course renovation and new course design.

Our philosophy is one of variety, strategy and interest, with minimal impact on natural topography and landforms.

Here are a few thoughts that we always keep in mind...

  • Variety is important, as most good courses have a mix of strategic, heroic and penal design characteristics - Rarely if ever is only one style of architecture used.  The tendency is to incorporate temptation with adequate reward for those taking on the risk.
  • A thoughtful routing is critical to a sound design and takes advantage of as many natural land features as possible - We are not big on manufacturing holes with extensive earth moving. Sometimes a hole that is "not perfect" is far better than one someone tried to build to make it perfect.
  • We are not advocates of gimmicks, e.g. waterfalls, fountains, massive flower plantings, contrived island greens, fake rocks. We prefer rough uneven edges, no straight lines, and a more natural looking design with features appearing as if they were always there.


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