(1874 - 1942)


A.W. Tillinghast, also know as
"Tillie", was a leading figure in
shaping golf's first 50 years in
America. He considered himself
to be the "Dean of American Golf
Course Architects". His design principals formed the foundation for the development of the modern golf course and fueled the growth
in popularity of the sport in North America. His glorious career included dozens of outstanding

Probably the most unique aspect of Tillinghast’s designs was
that few, if any, of his courses looked the same. He was a
master of variety. He believed every hole should be unique
and was a strong advocate of naming his golf holes for some
novel characteristic that they possessed. He felt every hole
should be “worthy of a name”. Tillie was always concerned
about maintenance especially later on in his career. He
seemed to have some insight that the cost of golf would
someday flare out of control and bring negative consequences
to the game.


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